Waxing (Hair Removal)
Trained in waxing

With the new waxes on the market today, and our special techniques, waxing is not painful at all.  The first time might be a little uncomfortable but once you get into a routine, the hair is removed with very little if ANY discomfort.  We only use the best waxes available for your treatment.

We have extensive training in the art of waxing.  Special attention is given to first time waxers to assure your comfort.  We take the time to explain how your hair grows as well as the benefits of waxing as opposed to shaving or other forms of hair removal.  Please be assured that we are professionals and your modesty and comfort is our main concern.

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Waxing Service
Waxing Cost

Permanent Removal
With Dpilar® * NEW *

Entire Brazilian Area
 add $30.00
Entire Brazilian Area $40.00 add $15.00
Depilar applied only to the Bikini area
Bikini Wax
add $15.00
add $7.00
$8.00 add $7.00
$8.00 add $7.00
$25.00 add $40.00
add $15.00
Legs  1/2
add $40.00
Legs Full
add $85.00
Mens Back
add $50.00
Mens Chest
add $50.00

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