Brazilian Waxing (Hair Removal)
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Professional Brazilian Wax
ONLY - $40.00
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Your waxing will be done by a highly trained national waxing instructor.
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brazilian waxAbout Your Brazilian Wax
  • All the hair is removed from the front to the back.
  • Some clients prefer to have the hair removed from the front only. This is completely up to you! 
  • A patch or strip can be left if desired but most clients prefer everything removed.
  • Special waxes are used during your brazilian wax to assure maximum comfort.
  • We have EXTENSIVE training in this form of waxing and travel the country teaching face, body & brazilian waxing.
  • It is not as uncomfortable as your would think.  Most people who receive the Brazilian wax continue on a regular basses.
  • Each visit becomes easier because the hair grows back thinner.
  • Most customers see about a 50% reduction in growth after only 5 to 6 visits.
  • First time visits usually take about 1 hour.  We explain the different growth cycles and how to maintain your Brazilian wax so you minimize ingrown hairs. We also take a little longer during your initial waxing service to assure you're comfortable.  We remove the hair in tiny strips minimizing any discomfort associated with a brazilian waxing. the professionals!
  • We also maintain a hospital like sanitation procedure assuring you are safe.
  • You may also book your appointment on-line if you like.
  • Our frequently asked question section should address most of your concernes but if not, feel free to call us at (570) 739-1434

about your brazilian waxWhat to Expect
  • First take a deep breath and relax.
  • It is going to OK!
  • Comfortable atmosphere
  • Sanitary environment
  • Private changing area
  • A knowledgeable and professional waxing expert
  • 10 different types of wax so you can be assured a perfect waxing experience based on your skin and hair type
  • A quick and comfortable service
  • No soreness afterwards
  • Special ingrown hair after wax treatment to sooth the skin, minimize bumps and ingrown hairs.  (see below)
  • The BEST waxing experience you ever had!

Special Skin Treatment with Every Brazilian

Brazilian WaxWhenever you remove hair (shaving or waxing) you have a chance of ingrown hairs.  Ingrown hairs are caused when the hair begins to grow back and gets curled and blocked by clogged hair follicles.  This tendency increased due to the fact that your hair tends to be curly by nature.

Now available at Professional Skin is a revolutionary new product that has been features on Opra and many other top shows.  It is called “Prince Reigns Ingrown Hair Serum”.  This product removes ingrown hairs and razor bumps by softening and straightening the hair making it easier for the hair to penetrate the skin surface.

This special treatment is applied after EVER waxing
service we offer completely FREE OF CHARGE.

This treatment is highly effective and contributes greatly to a more comfortable waxing service as well as reducing ingrown hairs.

It is also available for purchase at a reduced rate to our customers.
This way you can apply the product daily to minimize the chance of ingrown hairs.

Reasons For A Brazilian Wax!

Waxing is hygienic

Waxing of the public area is not new.  Centuries ago ancient civilizations such as Persia and India women were waxing their pubic hair.  One of the main reasons was hygiene.  Pubic hair collects germs that can cause bad odors.  It can also cause a variety of skin irritations.   Waxing your entire pubic region will dramatically reduce the risk of these problems.  Shaving is time consuming, causes skin irritation as well bumps, ingrown hairs and itching.

During the day, the area between your legs perspires.  If you have pubic hair, the bacteria can nestle in that hair.  If you are clean, the perspiration will be absorbed directly into your panties minimizing the chance of infection.  

Waxing gives you freedom
You can wear any swimsuit you desire with confidence.  Lingerie will look and feel better.  Even as simple as your panties will be much more comfortable on a daily bases.

Waxing is cost effective (at least here it is)
We only charge $40 for a high quality Brazilian wax by a trained professional educator.  Most salons charge between $50 to $90.  Even at the more expensive price, it is still worth every dime.

Waxing is quick
In about 30 minutes you will be completely waxed and enjoying your new found freedom.

Waxing is not uncomfortable at all
The discomfort is not as bad as you would think.  At professional Skin we specialize in this form of waxing creating a very comfortable treatment.  We can't speak for other salons.

The advantages do not end there.  You will undoubtedly come up with many advantages unique to you.  We wax teenagers to seniors.  Each for their own reasons.  Come and see why everyone is crazy about Brazilian Waxing.

If this is your 1st Brazilian wax,
we think you deserve a trophy!
I don’t think a plastic trophy is going to make
your friends jealous but hey… it’s a fun thing to do!

We had these trophy’s made to give to
our first time Brazilian wax customers!

Brazilian Wax

Why are we only $40?
Location: We are not located in a big city and therefore do not have big city expenses.  We are a small operation with extremely low overhead.  You save!
Volume: We perform lots and lots of Brazilian waxes each week. This allows us to charge less.
Integrity: Our philosophy is to provide a service that is the best in the industry and still be less expensive then any of our competition (a lot less).  No wonder about 1/2 our clients drive more then an hour to get to us. 

Brazilian Wax
Brazilian Waxing Service
Only $40.00
(compare at $55 to $75 at other salons)

OrderPurchase numbing cream and ingrown hair lotion here!  I will ship in 24 hours so you can have it for your appointment.  The numbing cream takes the edge off and works great!

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